Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From the East

After a whirlwind few days getting the yome resurrected (thanks, Matt!!) and everything arranged for this next time away, I've been on the east coast visiting friends for the last week. Here's where you get to choose how to experience life - either: "spent three days in Boston, then stayed in upstate New York" OR

Watched fireworks in Boston in the rain on the Freedom Trail ... cheered on a good friend racing the Head of the Charles ... found a great pub with Rogue Dead Guy Ale to catch up in ... got to spend the weekend being with friends I hadn't seen since their wedding three years ago. Saw my old rowing coach at the Charles ... caught a ride to upstate NY ... got to row on the water again for the first time in seven years ... taking in the fall leaves that pass us by in the NW ... getting amped about skiing while staying with a good friend from Utah last winter.

It's all in what you take from it - everything can be an adventure...

Next up, Philly to see my friend race again, and the Halloween wedding in MD. (Pictures next time, I promise.)

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