Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weddings and races

Most importantly, my sister got married yesterday on a beautiful fall day at my parents place in Maryland. Being Halloween, bride and groom and guests were all appropriately attired, and a beautiful simple ceremony was followed by a potluck and much catching up between old friends. Despite occasional reservations by my parents, they seem to have a really good relationship, and it's nice to see two individuals who share so much be that happy. And despite my mother's anxiety about all the many facets of hosting a wedding, everything went smashingly, and Morgana (Laura) and Ben are officially hitched. Congratulations!

Prior to this, I met an old rowing friend in Philly who has been working toward national team status for a while now. A storm sent whole trees floating down the river, so the day's races were cancelled, but a fully-saturated run in the rain made up for it. Rower Halloween party, pumpkin carving, and many of her friends rounded out the weekend. No pictures, unfortunately - just imagine a lot of really tall, really motivated athletes...

This ends the east coast portion of our trip - please enjoy your stay while I run off to India for six weeks... *grin* More from Delhi!

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