Monday, October 15, 2007

Canyons in Utah

From Yosemite, I went to Utah for a week in the sounthern canyons with Mary. Both of us are new to canyoneering, but everything worked out well - good weather, fun hikes/climbs/swims, and no one else the entire time.

If you've never heard of or done canyoneering (called canyoning in the rest of the world), it's essentially travelling down often-deep canyons in whatever conditions they present.

Sometimes it's a nice hike or scrambling over some rocks,

...sometimes it's wading or swimming in water,

Other times you're using a rope to rappel down long drops and swimming through narrow slots in deep water.

Or all of the above.

A little gear acquisition (wetsuit, dry sacks, water wings for pack floatation) and a long drive turns climbing into canyoning - opposites in many respects.

Very cool - it is incredibly quiet down there, and feels like you're leagues away from the hot desert above. We managed not to get ourselves into any trouble and have a great time, so are looking forward to going back next year...

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