Sunday, March 16, 2008

Apply powder liberally

Didn't realize I left things hanging in my mad dash from Alta to Oregon, but all is well!

I just got down from doing some powder hosting for Wallowa Alpine Huts for the last 11 days. (see It was great, and exactly what the WFR manual proscribes for cracked ribs. A super-steep learning curve, getting to know the skin tracks and secret powder runs of the basin, but my lead hosts were generous and patient and extremely knowledgeable. It's a beautiful place, deep in the wilderness. The yurts are far enough in that day skiers don't come all the way in, and an hour of skinning yields whatever kind of terrain you're looking to ski, from some steep chutes to wide open bowls. Met some really cool guests, including some wild women from Idaho, and had a great time. Very much looking forward to spending more time here next winter.

A few pictures here pirated from the WAH website - more current ones if people send theirs to share.

It will be a little while longer until I don't have to worry about my rib, but I can actually take a deep breath again and almost sleep on my left side! It's the little things...

CB doesn't need me for the rest of the ski season here, so I have a whole month before work resumes in Washington. Headed out now for a few days of backpacking around Hell's Canyon since I'm in the area, then I'll need to get creative for the next little while to keep myself entertained. So far the potential list includes: cycling down the coast in the rain, living in the yome for a while, taking up residence in a fire lookout, heading for Moab or back to Alta... Low-budget suggestions accepted!

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