Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alta warmup

Off to Alta to visit my friend Dan (going big in the picture) and get a little loading dose of winter. I left Seattle just ahead of an incoming storm, and sure enough it followed me to Utah for a nice 12" powder day. Finally got to get on my new powder skis (Atomic Janek boards), and was pleasantly surprised by how well my legs remembered their turns. Tired, definitely, but being acclimatized from the big hill helped a lot here at nine thousand feet.

Unfortunately, I had a little run in with a tree and managed to at least crack a rib - I can hear some sounds that ribs don't normally make. Went backcountry the next day anyway, which was not a good idea, but it was definitely fun. Mmm... deep powder...

Taking today off in a belated attempt to take care of myself - I'm supposed to be working in the Wallowas in two days! Hmm. It's snowing again at the moment - it's nice to be back in the winter season after some time away. Always an adventure.

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