Saturday, April 3, 2010

Off and trekking

Well, I didn't manage to put this up before I left, but here in Namche, two days' hike in, there is high speed internet, so now I can put the link up. Cybercasts for the Everest Base Camp trek and Island Peak climb are at

We were able to fly in with no issues on our scheduled day - the weather up at 9000' at Lukla is often windy or cloudy, and it's one of those runways you don't get a second chance at! But all was well, and we're on schedule for the trek. Lots of time before and on these first few days has been spent getting logistics communicated all around - two trekkers are coming out early, some are staying late with their Everest climber family members, and five of us are taking a side trip to climb Island peak after visiting base camp. Lots of supplies and people and arrangements in lots of directions! The Sherpa staff is amazing - this trip or the expedition could not happen without them.

I think this is the last internet connection for a while, so until we get back to Namche in two weeks or so, enjoy the cybercasts!

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